Our Social Media Post Being Included in Background Checks- Good Idea or Bad Move?

social-media-bg-checkThe present, offers us hundreds of social media sites to choose from. Some of them are very popular and useful, others, however, not so much… The point is that today we lean on social Media for every question, doubt, and information about someone in particular or a group.

It is, though, natural, that this habit has been spread to work fields, too. If you are an employer who wishes to find out more about your candidate, such as their online social media profile, post, likes, tweets etc. to base that information on what kind of an employee they would be. Can we include social media posts into a background check? Is that a smart move…or not?

Let us take a short look.

Most times it can be hard to find a job, and to be selected for it, can be a bigger challenge. However, according to many, today, it seems harder than it was before. First of all, many times your curriculum vitae has to be perfect, including education, volunteering experience, and previous work experiences… But that’s not all. Besides that, it’s necessary when checking and verifying a candidate’s history- for it to be irreproachable, education, seminars, volunteering, address, etc…

This is where social media comes in handy. During a job interview, a candidate will behave perfectly, they will sophistically answer all of the said employer’s questions without any mistake, be polite and friendly, but maintain a professional tone… No matter how good the interview was, today it’s a normal situation that most employers will search their candidate’s social media profile. He can find out everything about his social interactions, personality, even daily habits and opinions about various types of topics.

But is that so? Many of on social media sites give false information, such as fake a different personality, age, and other things. There is no rule that prohibits anyone from doing what they want on their social media account, including false information. After all, you can’t know which ones are false, and which ones are true. And now a-days everyone lies to fit in on their profile with others or to impress others as if they are a rapper or famous. Many just make an account for fun as well.

For example, there are social media sites particularly made for profiles with a professional tone, like LinkedIn, where a person shares and posts their information, in a professional way, creates their curriculum vitae with all the necessary details.

It’s also excusable for an employer to search their client’s social media profile included in with the backgrounds check process when they aren’t quite sure if their candidate’s information is valid, etc.

In the end, social media posts can be really helpful, but it isn’t recommended to searching suspicious details your candidate posted couple years ago, or peeking on a profile every now and then. An employer should search for posts that are related to a specific job.

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