China Spying over U.S.

A U.S. spy plane has been reported to buzz by Chinese planes as it flew over the East China Sea, with one of the military aircraft drawing nearer in a risky way, the U.S. military said.

China reacted by blaming the United States for advertising the episode yet said the genuine issue was surveillance planes by U.S that very flying very close to their territory.

The tension between the two nations has enhanced in the previous two years over China’s moves to attest and question over the disputed waters and the shipping lane of the South China Sea being always busy. The United States blames China for manufacturing fake islands based on reefs and shakes in waters that are likewise claimed by the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and many other states.

The U.S. Pacific Command said a U.S. Air Force Jet RC-135 observation flying machine had been blocked Tuesday by two Chinese J-10 military aircraft while flying in the worldwide airspace.

Chinese Foreign Ministry representative Hong Lei demanded that his country’s pilots taught to act reasonably and professionally and they did not act without a reason.

In light of the report, the U.S. side is again intentionally building up the issue of the recent observation of China by U.S. military jets.

The foundation of such issues is that the recent close observation on China’s coast by U.S. military jets has seriously threatened China’s air and oceanic security. China has the privilege to take defensive measures against it. We request the U.S. side to stop close surveillance exercises and maintain a strategic distance from the happening of such things ever again.

In May, the Pentagon said two Chinese air force planes flew 50 feet near of a U.S. EP-3 airship over the South China Sea.

State news organization Xinhua reacted to that occurrence by blaming the United States for flexing its military muscles on China’s doorstep and of unsafe irresponsible and dangerous exercises that altogether enhances the risk of misjudgment of the military forces.

The nationalist Global Times tabloid likewise responded to the May episode by reviewing a midair crash between a U.S. spy plane and a Chinese air force plane over the South China Sea in 2001. That crash caused one of the pilots to die and the U.S plane had to crash land.

On the off chance that the Pentagon proceeds with its nearby offshore observation operations against China, as our military ability builds, more interceptions can be normal and expected.

Thus, the chances of another crash will go up. If there come another collision then the boiling distrust between china and U.S will blow up and might cause many dangerous results.

On Sunday, Secretary of State John F. Kerry cautioned China not to think about pronouncing as an Air Defense Identification Zone over the South China Sea, as it did over the East China Sea in 2013. He said such actions would be considered provocative and destabilizing act.

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