9 Key Promises President Donald Trump Plan to Do if Elected As President

donald trumpAfter receiving more than a third of the Republican’s votes, Donald Trump is probably one of the most likely candidates to become the next president of America. However, especially given his shocking ideas with what he plans to do with America in case he gets elected are not being taken lightly by many.


Following are the top nine things Donald Trump would do in case he is elected as the President:-


Methods Of Torture

On several occasions, Donald Trump has expressed his wishes to bring back the waterboarding method of interrogation in the U.S. This technique is known for the acute pain it can bring in. Water – boarding can even cause drowning in numerous cases, though it has already been banned by the U.S. government.  Besides, Trump has also promised to bring in other forms of torture that are way worse than this. But here, I want to say why only the painful things while other countries are opting the reformative measures for the prisoners.


“Safe Zones” For Syrians

Moreover, Trump also plans to establish a “Safe zone” for the Syrian refugees. However, there is a catch in this. Gulf States will be required to pay for these zones in the Middle East. He also has plans to high-handedly deal with the ISIS and President Bashar al – Assad. He said he would pay attention to each and every thing one step at a time.


Better Prices By Pharmaceuticals

In addition to the above-mentioned scary things, the would be president of the United States is also said to be  planning for many other good things. Chief among them is his claim to save over $300 billion on pharmaceutical companies. He emphasized on his effort to negotiate better prices with drug companies that would subsequently cause a reduction in the drugs prices for all. However, there is no word about on how exactly he plans to go about with this approach.


With Regard To Taxes

Mr. Trump is going to bring about major reductions in taxes through his various tax policies. He even plans to cut corporate taxes by over 15%. The tax brackets will also be reduced by four. However, a research conducted by the Tax Foundation says that his tax policies can cause the U.S. economy to go skyrocketing.


Trading Relations

Donald Trump on several occasions has threatened to raise the tariff rates by almost 45%. This naturally affects countries that have trade relationships tied up with America. Chief among these affected nations are China and Mexico. Business circles fear that Trump’s plans will jeopardize trade relationships with China and Mexico, and may even subsequently lead to a rise in tension between these nations.


Education Department

Further, he also has some plans to improve the country’s deficit by reducing costs of the education system. He apparently loves those who are poorly educated because they are loyal. How convenient!


No More Obamacare

The main purpose of Obamacare was to provide insurers the coverage that they might not experience in case they didn’t have pre – existing medical conditions. However, Trump has thought of chucking that out.


Deporting 11 Million

We all are well aware of Trump’s intentions to deport more than 11 million undocumented immigrants off from America. This would cause a three percent decrease in the U.S. population. The strength of workers that subsequently powers the economy would get affected as well.


Military Presence In China

Donald Trump expressed his wishes to increase the size of the U.S. military, especially in the East and South China regions to “discourage Chinese adventurism.”

Though much has been promised by Donald Trump, time will only tell if he will do what he has promised. So, let’s wait and watch.

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